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What I'm Working On To Stay Busy and Distract Myself!

Hi everyone! How are we all doing during the Coronavirus pandemic? I am staying home, though that's nothing new for me (I'm a full-time writer and also an introvert.)

To distract myself and stay calm during all this anxiety and uncertainty, I've thrown myself hard into my work and reading. (I just finished the six books in the Vampire Academy series and I miss it already! My bookstores are closed here due to the virus, but I intend to buy the Vampire Academy series spin-off, Bloodlines, as soon as it's safe to do so. I love these books so much!)

I just wanted to share an update of what I'm working on: my 19th novel! Yes, it's true! Can you believe I've almost finished 19 novels and will be beginning my 20th soon? I can't.

This novel is the second in my Jessica Prince mystery series. My literary agent has the first novel, JESSICA PRINCE AND THE CRIMSON CAPER, out on submission right now. Fingers crossed! A little reminder as to what that one's about:

"Sixteen-year-old heiress Jessica Prince flies to Milan to see the show of an up-and-coming fashion designer…but someone calling themselves the Crimson Caper is out for revenge.

Jessica Prince, the niece of billionaire businessman Henry Prince, goes with her uncle to Milan to see Carla Valentine, an old flame of Henry’s and a popular new fashion designer. But the night of the show, the lead model is hurt, the lights go out, and a threatening note is left behind. Worst of all, Jessica sees a person in a red trench coat – the Crimson Caper - who seems to be out to destroy Carla’s life if she won’t quit fashion.

With only her trusty notebook and love of mystery novels, Jessica sets out to solve the crime. But as she delves deeper, she realizes there’s more going on beneath the surface and she can’t trust anyone. When Uncle Henry is framed and arrested for the sabotage, Jessica must rely on her intuition and observational skills before she loses her uncle forever…"

And that's the novel that sparked an agent's interest to offer representation! I'm so excited.

The novel I'm working on now -- titled JESSICA PRINCE AND THE WHITE LILY SOCIETY -- has to do with more theft and sabotage. Instead of Milan, it's set in Jessica's small hometown of Willowbrook, California. Someone is stealing valuable items and leaving a white lily behind, which coincides with an old, unsolved group of thieves that called themselves the White Lily Society. When Jessica's home and all her friends homes are burglarized, she has no choice but to solve this mystery to protect the ones she loves...but the truth behind the White Lily Society might be a little darker than she realizes.

I'm writing chapter twenty-two today and I'm aiming for twenty-nine chapters plus an epilogue. I'm so close to finishing the first draft! Writing is an escape for me, and I definitely need it during the COVID-19 craziness. My anxiety is through the roof -- more so than usual.

While I get back to that, I wanted to wish everyone good health and safety. Make sure to wash your hands and take care! I'll write another blog post detailing my next novel after I've finished my current one, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, keep safe!

Thanks for reading,


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