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Updates/THE DARK QUEEN on sale!

Hey, everyone! Long time no talk!

I finished my middle grade horror novel, HAPPY AND THE EVIL FOREST. Yay!

I'm currently working on the outline for my next novel. Stay tuned for the announcement!

Updates, September 2021:

Right now, I'm working on fixing THE DRAGONWITCH CHRONICLES. I'm doing edits, adding a map, and re-doing the covers. It should be coming out mid-September, but I'll let you know! Second editions are always my favorite.

In the meantime, THE DARK QUEEN is on sale for $2.99 until October 2nd! Fire and Ice/Melange Books (my publisher) are running a back to school sale. You can find it on Amazon or any online retailer. Grab it before it's gone! Who doesn't love a good sale?

Adding the gorgeous cover:

On the agent front, my agent and I are doing some final edits on ELLATHINA, my middle grade fantasy novel. I'm really hoping this one sells! Fingers crossed for me, please and thank you!

Putting it out in the universe:

ELLATHINA will find a home...

ELLATHINA will find a home...

ELLATHINA will find a home!

So far, I think my agent has around 16 projects of mine? I've been working extra hard to send her some good stories. Really, really hoping my big break comes soon!

Also, happy September, everyone! Time flies, doesn't it? I'm VERY excited for Fall. The heatwaves have been awful this summer and made me so sick.

And I might be a stereotypical Canadian, but I just love winter! Nothing beats a good snowstorm outside while you sit with a cup of hot tea and read by the window. Can't wait for those days! :)

And guess what? Only a MONTH until my birthday! I'll be turning 23. I feel like I was just 13 yesterday. Time truly does fly, so make sure to appreciate every second you have before it's gone.

Anyway, happy reading -- and thanks for checking in with my blog!


Dana <3

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