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#TheWriteWay Post 19: The Importance of Patience

Hi all! I'm just popping in to make a quick #TheWriteWay post.

It's still on hiatus, but I will chime in every now and then when I think of a topic. I've been really struggling with insomnia lately, so this will be quick.

I wanted to talk about something really important in your writing career...


Seriously, get to know it well. Because, as a writer, it'll become your entire life.

You have to be patient when you write a book. It takes a while to finish and edit.

Then you have to be patient when querying agents. They're busy.

You have to be patient after rejections that your time will come.

When you get an agent, you then have to be patient when it comes to them editing your books and submitting them to publishers.

Finally -- and with good luck -- when your book is being published, you then have to wait patiently to edit it and for it to release. (It usually takes two years -- a long time, I know.)

Admittingly, I'm not a patient person. Maybe it's my OCD or anxiety, but I find it really difficult. Still, I have no choice.

Publishing is as slow as molasses in winter. Really!

Every day, I keep my fingers crossed that my agent and I will sell my books. I keep sending her different genres in the hopes that just ONE will make it.

Until then, I must stay patient. It's the single most important skill you can learn as a writer and published author.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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