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#TheWriteWay Blog Post 10 - All About NaNoWriMo!

Hi everyone! I hope your October has gone well. Crazy that it's almost over!

I've reached ten blog posts for #TheWriteWay! With NaNoWriMo around the corner, I figured I'd make my next post on that.

First off, what IS NaNoWriMo?

It stands for National Novel Writing Month. I'll link the website so you can do your own research:

It happens every November. On the 1st, writers commit to writing a 50,000 word novel for the whole month. It's a challenge, and it's supposed to encourage you to write and finish your book. You can write anything -- any genre or medium. On the last day, you upload your manuscript. If the word counter sees 50,000 words, you win!

Who do I think is right for it?

-Writers who enjoy a good challenge

-Writers who have enough time every day (at least an hour) to write in peace

-Writers who have an outline and a strong idea/story

-Writers who can deal with pressure and stress

-Writers who enjoy writing on a schedule

I've participated twice -- 2018 and 2019. Both times, I wrote children's novels -- THE GIFT GIVER, a mystery, and DREAMWEAVERS, a fantasy. I'm excited to say I'll be joining this year! Keep an eye out for my next novel which I'll be announcing soon. Here's a hint:

Both my times have been wonderful. Famous authors give pep-talks and you can join a support group in your area (some even have meet-ups, but I assume that will be suspended this year due to COVID.) I enjoy writing on a schedule and I have plenty of time to write each day so I'm the ideal candidate.

Some writers find it helpful to keep them motivated and on track. Others think it's too demanding and restrictive. It just depends what kind of writer you are -- and there's no wrong way to write! Don't feel bad if you don't decide to take part.

To be honest, 50,000 words isn't really enough for a novel. It would be enough for a children's novel, though -- what we call middle grade. That genre is usually for 8-12 year-old kids and the word count varies between 30k to 60k. So if you're a middle grade writer, go for it!

But personally, young adult and adult fiction goes way beyond that -- it's usually 80k to 90k. So keep in mind that 50k won't be enough -- most agents and publishing houses will reject you or ask you to add more to it. I am aiming for 85k with my mystery novel.

It's your choice whether you want to do it or not. And if you start and can't reach 50k, don't beat yourself up. This is a tough year on everyone. Writing even a little still counts!

Here are my best tips:

-Devote a special time to writing every day.

-Have somewhat of an outline so you don't get stuck.

-Put your project on social media and talk to fellow writers to stay motivated.

-Don't be discouraged or upset if you can't write and experience Writer's Block. You're only human!

-Have fun and be as creative as you can!

Tell me, #WritingCommunity -- will you be partaking? You can add me as @DanaGricken if you'd like.

Happy writing and good luck!


Dana Gricken

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