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THE DARK EVOLUTION releases May 19th!

Set your calendars!

The second novel in the Soulless War Trilogy, THE DARK EVOLUTION, releases May 19th! You can get it through Amazon, Kobo, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, and more as both a paperback book and an e-book!

(The information is still being uploaded to websites, so you'll be able to pre-order the paperback soon.)

Look at how pretty they are side by side:

The third book is still slated for a fall 2020 release. By the autumn, the full trilogy will be out! I'm so excited.

What does book two feature, you ask?

-A mad scientist

-A dangerous serum

-Creepy crystal monsters

-Golems from the Underworld

-Forbidden romance

-Hard choices

-A submarine (and dark monsters lurking beneath the water)

-Girls kicking butt (as per usual in my stories)

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to everyone at Fire and Ice/Melange Books for making my dream to be an author my reality. You can find out more about book two here:

As always, thanks for reading!


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