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The Dark Evolution is out today!

Today's the magic day -- May 19th!

That means THE DARK EVOLUTION, the second book in The Soulless War trilogy, is out on Amazon, Kobo, Lulu, iBooks, and more!

Here's the synopsis:

"After the supposed death of the Dark Queen and the capturing of the Underworld, the Sentinels believe they’ve won the war. When a strange ally of the Dark Queen named Doctor Zero emerges, he announces that he’s discovered how to turn everyone soulless. With him, he brings a fearless army, a dangerous serum, and the powerful Dark Queen by his side.

To have a fighting chance against him, Riley Stark frees King Bane and the Renegades from prison. The Dark Queen’s old husband—King Lucius, who resurfaces with a bloodthirsty army of his own—disagrees with Doctor Zero’s plan to turn the world soulless and seeks revenge. When Caleb is injured in the battle, Riley is forced to trust strangers and neglect her own people to save him.

As the government crumbles, new monsters come out of hiding, and dangerous groups take to the streets, Riley must protect Caleb, prevent her people from becoming soulless, and ask herself if she can continue to serve the Sentinels when they’ve hidden so much from her."

YAY! I'm so excited. If you do grab a copy, post a picture on social media and I'll retweet/repost it! Thanks for all your support and thanks to the Fire and Ice team for making my dream a reality.

P.S.: The Amazon paperback version will be available tomorrow as there was a slight issue with the files. But it's still available as an e-book in the meantime and on Lulu as a paperback! :)



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