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Pro-Tip: How I Back Up My Writing!

Hi everyone!

In case you missed my tweet, I posted this earlier this morning:

"Had a virus scare with my computer this morning, but my @Bitdefender software came to my rescue.

Pro-tip: I always send my writing to my email AND gmail accounts for peace of mind. You never know what will happen, so make sure to back-up your work, #WritingCommunity!"

The tweet got a lot of feedback and responses. I was shocked to learn that most people don't know you can email yourself! Just put your own email address in the sender line. Once it's sent, it should pop into your inbox within seconds.

(If you’re using Microsoft Word, hold down the CTRL key and A key to highlight all the words, then copy it. Paste that into your email and send it to yourself.) You can never have too many back ups! I find sending my writing to my email and gmail account to be the best way to save it (other than using a USB stick, of course).

Go forth with this knowledge and protect your writing! Computers are not always reliable — there are tons of viruses and scammers out there — so make sure you keep your writing somewhere else that’s safe!

How do you like to back up your writing? I really hope you'll consider using my email trick. I've been doing it for years and never had a problem. The more places you have it sent to -- like email, gmail, USB drive, Google Docs, etc. -- the more confident you'll be knowing your work is safe. Nothing sucks worse than having to re-write something you lost!

BACK IT UP is my motto!

Remember this simple rhyme:

When all else fails,

You can count on email!

Just wanted to post this quick update and share what I know! I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for reading!



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