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Please Keep Us In Your Thoughts

My dad has had a sore throat, ear pain, and difficulty swallowing the past few days. He works from home and rarely leaves the house, so it might not be COVID-19, but you never know in this day and age.

He is heading to an assessment center for medical treatment. It could be a number of other things -- allergies, tooth pain, strep throat, you name it. He's also a chronic smoker so that could be contributing. No doctor will see anyone right now except at the assessment centers here in Canada. They automatically treat you as though you already have the virus even if you only have one symptom.

None of us feel sick. I know this virus can be asymptomatic, but I still think that's a good sign.

Cases have been on the decline here in Ottawa, but we still have to be careful. I have had a sore throat too, but I usually suffer from allergies this time of year. I also recently turned on my AC and keep the windows closed which is causing dry air.

Please keep us in your thoughts. This virus sucks, and I wish it was over now. I'll keep you updated if anything changes.

Stay safe and healthy out there,


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