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My Coronavirus Poem

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, including myself. When things are tough, I turn to writing to cope. Last night, I had a poem wiggling around in my brain and I've decided to share it with all of you. I pray it will give you some hope in these dark times.

If you're going to post this somewhere, please give me credit! :)

I'm just an amateur poet but I had to get these words down:

'One Day Again' by Dana Gricken:

The present seems so bleak, the future so unclear

Billions of lives are forever changed by all this death, doubt, and fear.

We can still find things to be grateful for no matter how dire it seems

And the only thing getting me through is holding onto this dream:

That one day again, we will laugh so hard we cry.

That one day again, we will dare to dream and try.

That one day again, things will return to the way they were before

And we won't take our loved ones for granted anymore.

One day again, we will eat good meals and drink together

We will remove our masks and embrace each other.

As the stores open again, so will our hearts

And we will make up for the time spent apart.

One day again, we will kiss strangers and make new friends

We will go to concerts and party until the night ends.

One day again, we will cross borders and explore new lands.

We will hug tightly and shake different hands.

We will honor the heroes and remember the fallen ones

We will rebuild again as we have always done.

Even the darkest night has its dawn

Like a butterfly out of the cocoon, we will emerge stronger and go on.

This virus has taken so much from us all, each and every day

But try as it might, it can never take our hope away.

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