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Meet My Next Novel, KINGDOM OF V!

On Friday, I posted on social media that I had finished my 19th novel, a YA mystery. It's the second book in the JESSICA PRINCE mystery series (the first book is currently on submission!) I'm also plotting out more books in that series, as I really enjoy writing it!

While I let that sit for a while before editing, I'm turning my attention to my next novel: KINGDOM OF V. It's a young adult fantasy novel with vampires, sabotage, and dark secrets. (I'm not sure I could write a novel WITHOUT sabotage and secrets. I just love drama too much for that!)

Here's the small blurb I have for it (which could be subject to change by the time I finish):

"When seventeen-year-old Olivia Hudson’s mother becomes the American ambassador to a small kingdom, Olivia isn’t thrilled about moving there and leaving her old life behind. The people of V—an isolated island in the Mediterranean—are cryptic, brooding, and secretive. They’ve wanted no contact with other countries…until now.

As Olivia begins to fall for the handsome, irresistible Prince Christian—and he falls for her just as hard—her intuition tells her something is off about him and his people. When the new embassy is attacked and their lives are threatened, Olivia and her mother find themselves embroiled in a game of mystery, lies, and subterfuge.

Who are the strange people of V? Are they as harmless as they claim to be…or is their identity bloodier than Olivia and her mother can possibly imagine?"

In case you couldn't tell, I really love vampires. This is the second time I've written them this year. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my fav...

But Dimitri Belikov from Vampire Academy is a close second. Just look at him:

(Their kingdom name "V" stands for vampires, unknown to Olivia and her mother in the beginning. Don't worry -- Olivia will figure it out by the end of the book.)

Super excited to get started! I've already written one chapter this morning and I'm falling in love. In the meantime, I'm re-formatting all my old manuscripts to give to my agent at one point in the future. I'm also editing END OF THE VAMPIRES, an adult fantasy novel with time travel and forbidden romance. My plate is full, but it's a good distraction during all this Coronavirus anxiety!

Thanks for reading and stay safe during this time,


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