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Meet My 42nd Novel!

Hey everyone!

Last week, I finished my 41st novel, In the Middle of the Night. Now I'm on to my next...

An adult thriller called THE PEN PAL!

Here's the summary:

"Curiosity can get you in trouble…

Delilah Coleman is in a rut. After quitting her job to take care of her one year old son, she’s overworked and exhausted—doing everything while her husband works nights and falls asleep in the day. Craving excitement but finding none in a loveless marriage, she finds herself bored, lonely, and under appreciated.

With nothing to do in the day, she notices an ad for pen pals online, deciding to chat with a few people. That quickly turns into sending letters to Jacob Rafferty—an inmate desperately seeking a friend. With Delilah interested in true crime, she decides to indulge her curiosity and send him messages before they become good friends.

When Jacob breaks out of jail to be with her, he takes Delilah far away—from her husband and son, going back to his life of crime. It isn’t long until the police are after them and a manhunt is under way. With an unstable criminal controlling her life, Delilah will have to play along if she ever wants to see her family again—and hope she can escape when the opportunity arises… "

Here's hoping I've got another novel in me! Imposter syndrome is so cruel.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy mid August!


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