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Meet My 40th Novel!

I know, I know -- writing 40 novels is insane, but I'm happy to be here.

I didn't imagine I'd get this far when I started seriously writing novels six years ago!

Tomorrow morning, I'll be starting THE EXECUTIONER, the first novel in my new mystery series called Amanda Clover, DVM. So excited!

Here's the synopsis so far:

“27-year-old Amanda Clover spends her days as a veterinarian working at her family-owned vet clinic, trying to manage her chronic migraines, forget her cheating ex-boyfriend, and help her best friend run an animal shelter next door. During the vet clinic’s 35th anniversary party, they get a visit from notorious dog fighter and thief Raymond Barlow who just got out of jail. The whole city of Vancouver is on edge—fearing what he’ll do next and how the police could set a dangerous man like him free, especially when he continues his violent streak and harasses people on the street.

But the town has a new reason to panic when Raymond is found murdered behind the vet clinic, euthanized with a syringe stolen from inside. It makes Amanda, her colleagues, and everyone at the party a suspect. With a whole slew of people with good motives who had no love for Raymond, the investigation won’t be simple.

After her fingerprints are found on the syringe, Amanda has no choice but to help look for the killer if she wants to clear her name and get back to normal life. Can Amanda crack the case before the executioner strikes again?”

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading and happy June! :)


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