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Meet My 39th Novel!

I just updated my WIP page! Here's the synopsis for my new YA thriller, the first in a trilogy.

So excited to write it for Camp NaNoWriMo!

All sixteen-year-old Megan Atwell wants to do is be a normal teenager. But when her mother gets sick with cancer and her deadbeat father is nowhere to be found, Megan has to take care of her and her twelve-year-old sister by dropping out of school to get a job. When Megan struggles to afford her mother's cancer medication, she decides to steal it—only to get caught and have her arrest go viral.

As she sits in a jail cell, she's surprised to learn that her bail has been paid and all charges have been dropped. Her mysterious savior? 95-year-old Evelyn Quincy—sole heir to the multi-billion-dollar Quincy Enterprises, rich from everything from hotels to jet planes. Evelyn explains that she saw Megan's video online and wants her to join a competition—one to win the billionaire heiress' fortune as she doesn't have any children.

But Megan isn't the only teenager invited to the wealthy Quincy Estate in California to join the highly-televised competition full of puzzles, tests, and tricks. A dozen other eager teenagers are taking part, all vying to win the billionaire’s fortune, and some don’t intend on playing fair. If Megan wants to save her family, she’ll have no choice but to compete—and she has a billion reasons to win.

Thanks for reading!


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