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Meet My 38th Novel!

Hello everyone, and happy almost March!

In case you missed my Instagram post, I've started my 38th novel - The Princess Knight!

So excited to write this one. It's a mix between Gladiator and The Princess Bride. Check out the summary here:

“All eighteen-year-old Princess Lena wants to do is learn how to sword fight and become a knight one day, not play dress up and marry some rich suitor—but her parents, the King and Queen of the small kingdom of Caldova, think otherwise. In secret, Lena practices dueling with her kingdom’s top knight, Ewan, hoping she’ll get to fulfil her dream one day.

It isn’t until her castle is under attack and her entire family assassinated—by Lena’s treacherous Uncle Byron and King Ramir, leader of the largest kingdom in the world—that Lena has to fight to survive. Making it out of the castle, she and a badly wounded Ewan flee for their lives while her jealous uncle steals the throne and allies with King Ramir. She has only one purpose now—get vengeance for her slain family, retake her homeland, and make her uncle pay for his cowardly betrayal.

But it isn’t as easy as Lena thinks. King Ramir and her uncle’s army is fierce, and there are rumours they plan to invade the other ten kingdoms to rule the world. Princess Lena and Ewan must do the impossible—unite the kingdoms to win this battle and dodge assassins if they ever want to get home and live in peace again…”

I've been struggling with depression lately, which comes with a lack of motivation. I'm trying really hard to keep writing. With COVID, protestors in my hometown, and now the war between Ukraine and Russia, it's easy to feel hopeless and sad with it all. Like everything is out of your control.

My writing is the only thing I CAN control, so I choose to focus on that. I choose hope.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Thanks for reading,


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