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Meet My 37th Novel!

Hi everyone! I just edited my WIP page.

Here's my next novel -- a YA fantasy! So excited to write it.

“Everyone in the Continent knows to stay away from the Evil East—also known as the Consortium.

Using blood sacrifices in their magic and consorting with demons, they allow people from the other three nations to sell their souls and wreak havoc. As Prince Caden’s given an apprenticeship to perform these rituals, he’s disgusted when he sees the horror up close—orchestrated by his evil father, King Decidus.

But he isn’t the only one with problems. All sixteen-year-old Meriss wants to do is study gentle magic and tend to her farm. Born in the Wondrous West of mountains and harmony, she never had a reason to go to the Consortium—until her grandmother dies and her sister flees, hoping to strike a deal with a demon to bring her back, forcing Meriss to chase after her.

Sixteen-year-old soldier Viktus of the ice-covered Nasty North—those who hunt all magic-users—is drawn to the Consortium to heal his injured comrade. And sixteen-year-old Ria, born in the Sad South of poverty and famine, plans a heist to steal from the Consortium’s vault to pay off her best friend’s debt to a fearsome gang.

Soon, their paths will intertwine—plunging them all into a war of demons and survival…”

Thanks for reading and Happy 2022! I hope you're all having a good start to the year.


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