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Meet My 34th Novel!

Hi all!

It's been a while since I posted on here, and I have a reason for that:

I've been dealing with painful chronic migraines with and without aura. It's made it really difficult to live and work, so I took some time off. But I really hope to return to writing soon!

In light of that, I'm announcing my 34th novel for August -- a middle grade horror novel called HAPPY AND THE EVIL FOREST! Here's the synopsis so far:

“Twelve-year-old Happy Johansson is the happiest girl alive—literally. Born smiling, her parents named her Happy, and through her young life, she’s always kept a smile—even when things went wrong.

When her parents announce that they’re separating, Happy and her older brother take a trip to the small town of Sunvale, British Columbia to spend the summer with their dad who’s staying in their old family cottage while their mother works overtime back in Toronto.

But when Happy arrives, she realizes the sunny, coastal town is anything but pleasant—its people are miserable, and seem to be getting worse by the day. When strange things begin happening around town—from erratic behavior to mysterious ghost dogs to strange voices—Happy sets out to find out what’s wrong with help from her dog Skippy and unearths an ancient evil from the town’s forest. With her happy-go-lucky attitude, she may be the only one who can purge the forest, figure out its secrets, and save the town.”

I really hope I can feel better and get to writing this one. I have a lot of ideas, and they won't leave me alone! I also have my second COVID vaccine in August, so I hope my side effects aren't too bad.

(I want to do a blog post on chronic pain and the depression and anxiety that comes with it too. Soon!)

Thanks for reading!


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