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Meet My 33rd Novel!

Starting today, I’ll be writing IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, the first book in my new mystery series, THE RECLUSIVE DETECTIVE.

I have bad anxiety and agoraphobia so I look forward to sharing my experiences and teaching others about it through the book. Here’s the synopsis so far:

“After a bad car accident left twenty-six-year-old Rachel Riordan with debilitating anxiety, she developed agoraphobia—a fear of leaving the house. For the last four years, she’s been totally housebound, living in her grandmother’s home in Toronto that she bequeathed to her and surviving off her small disability paychecks.

To put her criminology degree to use that she never had a chance to get a job with—and make extra money—she begins her own true crime podcast called Unspeakable Acts. She builds up quite a following and her podcast becomes number one around the world which leads to new friends and TV interviews. She has a knack for observation that helps her solve even the toughest cold cases, and soon, her insights lead to arrests and public support.

When homicide detective Matthew Hodge comes across her podcast, he decides to ask for her help to catch a ruthless murderer killing in broad daylight. Rachel agrees to help him, but only from the comfort of her home—interviewing suspects through Matthew’s police camera that he takes with him and chatting through Zoom and phone calls.

But it isn’t long until the killings show a connection to Rachel—and how the killer might just be someone right under her nose. With her anxiety worsening, a serial killer on the loose, and an angry ex-boyfriend trying to track her down, Rachel will have to use all the tools at her disposal before she ends up a victim in her own home…"

So excited to write it! I love mystery and I'm so happy I'm returning.

I'm off to write now. Thanks for reading!



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