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Meet My 31st Novel!

Hey everyone!

While my room and computer are still being repaired, I'm happy to announce my next project -- a middle grade fantasy novel called JOYLAND.

Here's the synopsis so far (always subject to change):

“In the kingdom of Desponda, happiness is outlawed. King Raffi has banned anything that brings joy, from music to good food to even smiling and laughter. The Ministry of Misery enforces and creates new laws, and those who disobey are threatened and sent to a re-conditioning center.

Twelve year old Mirabelle Tully doesn’t understand why the king hates happiness so much. Her grandfather remembers a time before the king’s reign when everyone was happy, and tells Mirabelle of forbidden stories and encourages her curiosity. When she sneaks into the Forbidden Forest the King has sealed off, a door appears of bright light.

Inside is a magical land called Joyland where dwarves sing, dance, and laugh all day long. Mirabelle vows to find out why the king has hidden them, why they appear at midnight, and why the king has sentenced his people to misery. With rebels planning an uprising, neighbouring kingdoms who want Joyland for their own purposes, and a dark past King Raffi wants to hide, Mirabelle must protect the innocence of Joyland and free her kingdom before all hope is lost forever.”

The novel explores themes of grief, true happiness, and friendship.

Super excited to work on this one! Lots of people on social media where I shared it were excited, too, so I've got a good feeling about this one!

Thanks for reading and stay well!


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