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Meet My 30th Novel!

Wow -- I can't believe it.

My next novel, FRECKLES, a middle grade sci-fi fantasy novel, will be my 30th novel.

Yes, 30th novel. I never thought I'd make it this far!

I'm so excited to keep going and see how many I can write in my lifetime!

Without further ado, here's the synopsis for my 30th novel:

“Twelve year old Alyssa Hayes thinks her small hometown can’t get any more boring. Her parents are both in the military, and she’s still grieving the loss of her big sister, the only one she trusted with her big secret. After she watches a shuttle craft fall from the sky, she’s surprised to find a young girl around her age with strange eyes that crawls out of it.

Since the girl has no memory, her parents decide to let her stay with them until she can remember her parents and her origin, naming the girl Jane Doe. But it isn’t long until the girl starts manifesting strange powers - incredible strength, but also telekinesis and telepathy. When they discover a smattering of freckles on Jane’s shoulder, they realize it’s a star map - one that leads to her home world of telepaths that’s in a constant struggle with a world of warriors. Alyssa will have to help Jane harness her powers, get back to her people, and avoid letting the world know that aliens exist on top of hiding from dangerous assassins who want Jane dead.

In return, Jane will have to help Alyssa confess her big secret and come to terms with her sister’s death. Between the two of them, they might just be able to stop an ancient war - before it destroys Earth and ends their new friendship."

After finishing my adult romance novel, THE LOVE CURSE, I’m ready to embark on a new story!

Since February is a short month, I usually write middle grade during it.

Also, I'm manifesting a book deal! My agent is on some exciting phone calls today. Fingers crossed! I also sent some picture books that I'm really proud of to my agent. New projects are afoot! Yay!!!

Thanks for reading!


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