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Meet My 26th Novel!

Hey everyone!

October has been off to a busy start. I've been doing some upgrades to my house, writing, reading, and enjoying some downtime. My agent is almost finished editing my MG fantasy, GHOUL SCHOOL, so I'm trying to rest before I do those edits.

Tomorrow is my birthday!! I'll be 22. I'm so excited!! (Stay tuned for some birthday selfies tomorrow, hehe.)

Last month, I teased my next novel based on this GIF:

Did you guess what my next novel was going to be about? If you guessed WITCHES, you were right!! Have a (GIF) cookie:

Just in time for October, I'm writing a novel about witches saving the world, demons, angels, and SO much more. I'm returning to fantasy, my one true love! I'm happy to report I've written five chapters so fast (and I'll be up early to write chapter six tomorrow, even on my birthday!)

It's called THE RED PROPHECY, and it will be the first book of six in my Young adult/new adult fantasy series called WITCHBLOOD.

Here is the synopsis I'm going with so far:

“On the eve of her 18th birthday, Juliet Hale and her parents are attacked by a group of demons in dark cloaks with yellow eyes. After watching her parents die, the demons descend on her before a man with white wings and a sword of light rescues her.

With no one left, Juliet is shocked to find out she’s been taken to a small, charming town to meet with her grandmother, a woman she thought was long dead. Her grandmother tells her that her family descends from a long line of powerful witches, destined to protect humanity from evil and serve the angels, and her parents tried to shield her from it. The man who saved her was her guardian angel, and those demons are called Raiders that feast on witch souls.

To avenge her parents, Juliet enrolls in a magical college where she meets hundreds of other witches and warlocks, all taking an oath to protect humanity. Between learning spells and making friends, Juliet forgets the Raiders are still hunting her when they attack her new home, nearly killing her grandmother. With traitors among her, a demon war lurking, and a big destiny on her shoulders, Juliet must rise to embrace her legacy before she loses everything.”

Pretty fun, right? I'd describe it as a mix between Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and Supernatural.

I'm enjoying it so far! There's a lot of material: with spells to create, a magical world, different demon species, and many rules and magical laws. I see it as a six-book series, and I'm pretty stoked to write it.

Thanks for reading!



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