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Meet My 24th Novel!

Hi all, and happy (almost) August!

I promised I'd reveal the next novel I'll be working on for August. The title is...


It's the first novel in a new children's spy fiction series called Kara Kilpatrick, International Agent.

I was inspired by James Bond and Alex Rider, and also Bart Simpson's pranks. I'm a huge Simpson's fan and it's finally paying off!

Here's the blurb so far:

"Whiz kid. Incorrigible prankster. And now…international spy?

Thirteen-year-old Kara Kilpatrick is a troublemaker. After ruining her science fair with another dumb prank, she’s expelled from school. When her parents consider sending her to military camp to correct her bad behavior, she runs away…and finds herself captured by an international spy organization called P.E.L.I.C.A.N.

The organization tells Kara that they’ve had their eye on her for a long time. With nowhere else to turn, Kara is forced to join. After a tough training academy, Kara accepts her first mission: an undercover operation as a student intern at Steel Industries, a tech company led by evil billionaire Scarlett Steel. Kara learns that her pranks might just save her life – and the entire world from a dangerous technological threat."

PELICAN stands for Protection, Espionage, Logistics, Intelligence, Communications, Analysis, and Networking. It's a Canadian-based spy organization (with headquarters set where I live, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!) that spans the world.

I've never written spy fiction before, so I'm excited to get started!

I'm also excited to write a female protagonist. There aren't many female secret agent books I've seen. There was Red Sparrow, but other than that, there's a serious lack! I hope my books can correct that.

Thanks for reading! I'll update my progress, and of course, share my next novel for September when the time comes. I have so many good ideas that I can't wait to get started on and share with everyone!



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