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Introducing 'The Write Way'!

Hi everyone!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be introducing a new addition to my blog...

A bi-monthly post all about writing called 'The Write Way'! (You'll be able to search for them by typing 'THE WRITE WAY' in the search bar on the homepage.)

What will it include, you ask? Discussions about:

-How to get an agent/what the relationship is like

-How to edit your own books

-How to get published

-How to plot and plan a novel

-How to finish your first draft

-Red flags and warning signs about bad publishers/agents

-Tips and tricks about the publishing industry

And more!

When I started writing my first novel back in 2015, I never imagined where I'd be in 2020. Now I've written 20 novels, have a literary agent (shout out to Jessica Reino at Metamorphosis for being AWESOME!), have a trilogy published with Fire and Ice YA Books (both Nancy and Caroline ROCK!), and have built a fan base through social media.

I hope to impart some of the knowledge I've learned and help other writers. Until then, stayed tune for my first post!

If you have any questions, tweet them to me @DanaGricken using #TheWriteWay hashtag! I look forward to seeing them.

Also, I know I said bi-monthly, but that's how often I HOPE to blog about it. Since I'm busy writing and editing, I don't want to make any promises I can't keep, but I still want to get out at least ONE blog post a month! Be patient with me. Juggling so many things at once isn't easy, but it is rewarding!

Stay well and thanks for reading,


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