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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!

I am proud to live in Canada and be a Canadian writer. Here are some of my favorite Canadian authors:

Margaret Atwood (a fellow Ottawa-born, like me!)

L.M. Montgomery

Sara Gruen

Heather O'Neill

Rupi Kaur

Lawrence Hill

To me, Canada means freedom. Growing up, my classroom was very diverse -- I had friends from all ethnicities and countries and no one ever had a problem with another based on that. We welcome many immigrants every year, legalized gay marriage decades ago, and are very supportive of women's rights. We try to be green and take care of our environment and are working on advancements in medicine and technology every day.

I am a stereotypical Canadian -- I love hockey, poutine, maple syrup, and a big snowstorm. But I consider being a true Canadian as someone who has kindness and respect for others, says sorry first, and tries to be conscientious and thoughtful.

Here are some Canadian inventions:

The paint roller

The garbage bag

The pager

Peanut butter (my favourite!)

Road lines




The pacemaker

Basketball (which I'm sure my American friends didn't know)

and many, many more! Canada has made the world a better place, and even though we have our problems, I hope we continue forward in making Canada a beautiful home for all who seek it.

I want to thank the aboriginals in Canada for helping to shape our cultural identity and for the love they have for this land. We owe a lot to them.

No matter where you live, have a great day!



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