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Ellathina Is On Sub!

Did you hear?

As of last week, my agent has put the book of my heart, ELLATHINA, on sub!!

What does “sub” (short for submission) mean? It’s when an agent sends your book to editors, and you wait for a response.

(It’s as stressful as it sounds, lol!)

Ellathina is the book of my heart in many ways.

It’s a children’s fantasy novel, and it deals with overcoming bullies, finding where you belong, standing up for yourself, and learning to love who you are. I relate to it so much! Please send good vibes that it finds a home soon! I’m putting it out into the universe. 🥰🤞

Here’s a brief synopsis of it:

“Twelve-year-old Ellathina Quigley isn’t like other girls.

Born into a world of monsters called Oasis—like vampires, witches, mermaids, and more—she’s one of the few humans to ever exist. She’s bullied for being different by the popular kids in school—witch Phoebe Skylar, her werewolf crush, Carden Wildshaw, and her teacher, Professor Malachi. Her entire family has powers—even her baby sister, Bessie. More than anything in the world, Ellathina just wants to fit in.

After her classmates pull a cruel prank on her at the school dance, she sets off to find a legendary place called Earth where it’s said that only humans exist. Her grandmother, Circe, gives her a guide book to get there, and Ellathina leaves her parents, knowing she’ll never be happy until she finds it.

But when Ellathina realizes she has to leave Oasis and venture beyond—into uncharted lands of monsters that are forbidden from returning to civilization—she learns it won’t be as easy to get to Earth as she thinks. With only her grandmother’s book as a map and her optimism, Ellathina decides to go on an adventure, hoping Earth is everything she wants it to be. Will Ellathina finally find a place to belong—or will she learn to embrace her uniqueness and refuse to let her bullies drive her away from the only home she’s even had?”

Really, really hoping this one makes it. Please send me all the good vibes! Thanks for reading!



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